RESEARCH & evaluation

As well as conducting our own ongoing evaluation, we have worked with two major universities and several organisations to maintain quality and high standards. 

Community focus

Each year we provide two or three Autism Dialogue programmes for bringing together autistic people, supporters and allies, who have an essential role in achieving our vision.

experiential TRAINING

Join an introductory course in preparation for our new ADA® professional training. We are appealing to therapists, coaches and healthcare professionals. See events page.

As well as Community and Collaboration, the four principles of Dialogue neatly provide our underlying core values and we practice them formally and live and work by them:
Respect, Listening, Authentic Voice and Suspension. 
These core values help us function together and work toward a common vision:

Our vision is to become a world leader in autism and neurodiversity dialogue facilitation, coaching, counselling, consulting and training, applying autistic-informed and values-based research and practice.

Autism Dialogue Facilitator Training

We launch our online training programme in early 2024.

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