Reports and Publications

Cognitive science today, what is it to you? (2023) By Dr.Hanne De Jaegher
In her latest paper, Dialogica’s director Hanne De Jaegher describes how and why Autism research should start from autistic experience and intersubjectivity, which is both more ethically just and scientifically richer than cognitivist explanations that have dominated research, discourse, and practice for a long time.

Coming 2024: The Autism Dialogue Approach Handbook: A new model for better autistic, neurodivergent and intersectional meaning-making.

Coming 2023: ‘Implications for coaching education in the emerging neurodivergent landscape .’ by Jonathan Drury.  
Case study in: ‘Ethical Case Studies for Coach Development and Practice: A Coach’s Companion’ – asks questions about safety, responsibility to professional practice and boundaries. Clutterbuck, Smith et al, (Routledge). 
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The Community Fund (Awards for All) 2022 –
Report for our Community Autism Dialogues including outline, feedback, value and lessons learned
– and the surprising outcome of a newly formed ‘Autism Dialogue Friends’ private peer group.

We have two chapters in volumes by Dialogue Publications by the Academy of Professional Dialogue. Please consider purchasing the volumes below, for a wider situational context of professional dialogue.

Autism Dialogue (chapter). The World Needs Dialogue (Vol 1, 2018). Penwell, Garrett (editors).  

Amazon (UK).

Autism Dialogue in Derby & Derbyshire 2021 (chapter). The World Needs Dialogue (Vol 4, 2021). Penwell, Garrett (editors).  Accompanying report info-graphic below.

A research proposal poster displayed at Scottish Autism annual conference, Glasgow, 2018.