Community Dialogue – new season begins
Sep 25th. 2pm-5pm
. (Monthly for 6 months, dates below).
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Dialogue Guidance

Please make sure you understand the guidelines below.
The full set of principles and practices will be emailed to you before your first session.

There is no agenda other than generosity, care and deepening of the four Dialogic Practices. Get to know them.

  • Please arrive on time and no later than ten minutes after start.  
  • Familiarise yourself with Zoom and test your equipment before the meeting. You can call a friend on it to test it.
  • Make sure your equipment is working beforehand
  • Keep your device or computer steady during the call. We try to maintain a relatively calm and focussed atmosphere, so you might like to turn your camera off if you want or need to move around a lot.
  • Use Mute if your environment is not completely quiet, the host has the ability to mute you in case this becomes necessary.
  • You do not need to have your camera on but if you can it is usually better for the group. You can point it at something.
  • There is no obligation to speak and confidentiality is assured
  • Everything spoken and others’ identities is confidential (unless you have permission from someone to reveal they attended).
  • Please stay until the end, you can turn off your video if you need
  • Emotions can be higher at this time of medical emergency, please be aware of risk of triggering others during your time speaking.
  • No need to repeat news, general advice or hearsay.
  • The facilitator will introduce the session and explain these ground rules before we do a check-in. The ‘check-in’ will be something like saying what brings you to the session and what is present for you, within an allotted time, depending on how many are present etc.

The Dialogue Zoom link is
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The dates for Community Dialogues are:
Sep 25th. Oct 23rd. Nov 27th. Dec 18th. Jan 29th. Feb 26th

Would you like to join a weekly meditation group online?
‘Dialogue Without Words’ weekly silent meditations.
Every Friday 5pm. More info here.
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