Becoming a Trustee of Dialogica

Our first Annual General Meeting as a charity is on ))))))).

We warmly invite members who are ‘supporters’ (members of the charity) to consider becoming trustees. We currently have —– trustees 

Trustees take the legal responsibility for the smooth running of Dialogica in relation to the Charity Commission and work with us to plan and run activities.

What is expected of a Trustee? 
Trustees attend a quarterly meeting to plan the programme and deal with policy and practical issues. These meetings have usually been face-to-face, and are now online. We share the tasks of chairing and minute-taking. Most trustees also take responsibility for one or more tasks such as: organising events, publicity, website, accounts, booking venues, assisting teachers. Some of these tasks are shared, and some are also done by members who are not trustees.

As a group of trustees we aspire to co-create an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect and appreciation, guided by our collective and individual understandings of Professional Dialogue. We are mindful that all of us have other commitments, and that we need to work within our individual capacities. We would help new trustees to take on work which suits their capacity, interest and skill. Specific and general skills are welcome, as are all offers of support.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about becoming a trustee or contributing in any other way.