Ongoing CPD Workshops for helping professionals at  Online Events

NEW – Major training programmes starting October 2023:

  • The Enactive Approach to Autism
  • Autism Dialogue Practitioner
  • Enaction Coaching

On-demand for 2023:

  • Autism Mindfulness
  • Deepening Mentoring


Our Generative Change model is a transformational approach where dialogic coach consultants are partners and peers to the organisation over time. Strategy, Culture and Leadership are the three fundamental change areas and processes that must work in alignment to form a holistic generative approach. We provide the essential support to form, develop and unfold these elements, to help all of an organisation’s people live more actively in the work, day-to-day.


Our ethos, just like our Dialogues, is to be as participatory as possible. We are under new developments and encourage you meanwhile to join: