Dialogue Without Words

Just being together, without speaking, quietly sitting, as we have done since the beginning of time. All welcome.

Every Friday 5pm – 5.30pm (UK).
Room opens from 4.45.pm, closes 4.59pm


What happens?
A soft bell will ring at 5pm and again at the end 5.30pm.
I encourage you to:
– Close your eyes or soften a downward gaze, to lessen any distractions.
– Remain alert but relaxed (not slouching or sleeping).
– Focus on how you feel, rather than your thoughts, but don’t push thoughts away if they arise, allow them to float away, like clouds.

There are countless meditation techniques but it is enough to just rest in awareness in our group.

After some time observing your thoughts they can get softer and deeper as the felt sense of sitting together becomes more important.

Why should we meditate together?
Groups of people have come together to sit quietly since the beginning of humanity.  It is a very healthy activity. We honour the silence of life as we sit, bringing our special thinking spaces and where each of our most personal, inner experiences live, which cannot ever be described or shared with words.  By sharing the silence we are supported by each other in our personal thoughts and reflections and we benefit from our community of human fellowship.

All Welcome.

More info on the video channel.