Peace dialogue & silent reflection

An online space to sit together for the purpose of soulful recovery and heartfelt dialogue to support one another in this time.  You may just wish to relax in company with the intention of reflection on the current situation in Europe. There will be a guided meditation about half way through.

Every Friday 7pm – 8pm (UK).
Room opens from 6.50pm

Passcode: peace

Please note, there is no agenda and this is not a time for sharing opinions or information – but to honour and bear human suffering with simple presence and compassion for yourself, others in the circle and humanity as an indivisible whole. We will hold space for each other in this spirit.

All welcome
Facilitators: Jonny Drury & Kate Salinsky

Just being together, quietly sitting, saying what needs to be said, as we have done since the beginning of time. All welcome.
Passcode: peace

Why should we do dialogue and reflect together?
Groups of people have come together to sit quietly and say what they need to say since the beginning of humanity.  It is a very healthy activity. We honour the silence of life and heartfelt compassion for each other as we sit, bringing our special thinking spaces and where each of our most personal, inner experiences live.  By sharing this way we are supported by each other in our personal thoughts and reflections and we benefit from our community of human fellowship.

All Welcome.

Peace dialogue & silent reflection graphic with hands holding in a circle