Dialogue Without Words

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Dialogue Without Words

Just being together, without speaking, quietly sitting.

Every Friday 5pm – 5.30pm (UK). Starts Fri 11th September.
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Join 15 minutes before the start if you wish.

Why should we meditate together?
Groups of people have come together to sit quietly since the beginning of humanity.  It is a very healthy activity. We honour the silence of life as we sit, bringing our special thinking spaces and where each of our most personal, inner experiences live, which cannot ever be described or shared with words.  By sharing the silence we are supported by each other in our personal thoughts and reflections and we benefit from our community of human fellowship.

What will happen and what should I do?
Join the Zoom room between 4.45pm and 5pm.
The link is below if you are logged in. A soft bell will ring at 5pm and again at 5.30pm. I will do prayer hands, which is a physical salutation to the divine within each of us. You can see others (and they can see you if your camera is on) but once you’ve had a look who else is present, I encourage you to:

– Remain alert but relaxed, (not slouching or sleeping).
– Close your eyes or soften a downward gaze, to lessen any distractions and tune in to how you feel.

There are countless meditation techniques but it is enough to just rest in awareness in our group. After some time observing your thoughts they can get quieter and deeper.

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For some understanding, there are three short background talks
on the video channel.


Hello everyone.

I’ve just sat here meditating on Saturday morning, a very beautiful experience just sitting quietly, using a little bit of the techniques of non-duality, asking myself who I am, which I’ve realised I’ve been doing all of my life. In the non-duality tradition, Advaita Vedanta, the premise is that supreme consciousness is and can be the only thing that is aware at all. So the approach of asking who I am over and over and over and over and over again will eventually reach the collapse of the separate self, the mind, the ego, the ‘I’ thought, the thought that I’m a personality in a body, a character, physical… the masks and costumes that we wear… each of us individually in a fantastically, sophisticated game that the universe plays, that the cosmos plays out. But at the centre of all of this is ultimate consciousness which is and always was and always will be the only thing that is aware. Supreme consciousness. I wanted to share that with you. And I’ve been thinking about offering something kind of as a development from the dialogues that we’ve ran this year, myself and Jackie, and all of you participants that have taken part, not just this year but since 2017. And we’re going to have a bit of a break from community dialogues although there will possibly be a monthly or bi-monthly one, but what I wanted to offer is a kind of weekly meditation session where we just sit together in silence. Guided meditation is a part and always was a part of my dialogue practice. Those of you who have attended will know about that, it goes hand in hand with dialogue. I believe it just relaxes the body-mind and primes your awareness for a good dialogue session with each other. So I wanted to offer this space as a way for us all to stay connected. with that consciousness, because consciousness is what drives our well-being and our good dialogue together with words and without words. So I suppose we could see this as a dialogue without words as we sit together and share silent space. Obviously this is going to be done on the internet for now but who knows what might happen in the future. So I feel a bit scared and a bit like I’m being brave but I always do things I feel like doing and basically there’s a voice in me that says ‘to hell with it’, so you know, what’s the worse that can happen? I’m not going to talk about the dialogue series this year but I hope you’ll join me because I’d really like to share the space, to share half an hour every Friday if you’d like to attend and I’ll be putting the link and invitation out soon. I expect it will be using the Zoom platform. And yeah, that should be every Friday for half an hour of silent meditation. That’s all for now, I hope to see you in one of the sessions.

Thanks a lot, take care. Bye.

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