Coaching and mentoring are formed of the helping relationship; a creative, thought-provoking process to heal, inspire and maximise potential, which can be personal, professional or a combination of both. It is a skilled process which includes deep listening, questioning and providing feedback, direction and encouragement.

After a ‘chemistry conversation’ over coffee, phone or the internet, we contract around your goals and aspirations, for a pre-agreed term.

Jonathan Drury

Jonathan is a qualified executive coach (PGCert), drawing on a range of classical coaching models and approaches including Dialogic, Transpersonal and Gestalt, applying deep empathic listening. Vagal toning is also on offer through safe but highly effective, slow movement. He is trained in basic counselling, mediation and has years of experience in Professional Dialogue and specialist coaching and mentoring (PGCert Autism) and is currently in training as a Dialogic Leadership Coach. As an artist, musician and yoga and chi-gong practitioner, he brings a lively and creative holistic style to life and work coaching.

Jackie Elliott

Having also run an international health food company, Jonathan is accustomed to the fast pace and demands of business and offers a shorter, more solutions focussed series of three or four hour-long sessions, even out of hours.

We are now pleased to include Jackie Elliott. Jackie is an EMCC accredited Coach-Mentor  (Senior Practitioner), an expert teams, women and executive’s coach and has 30 years in IT leadership. Jackie is also an author. Go to Jackie’s website.

Together, you and a skilled coach-mentor may safely addresses your mental, emotional, physical, social and creative needs, with an emphasis on the role of a healthy spirit. You will both get to know your situation thoroughly and/or whatever you wish to work on, clarify your goals and options, solve any interference and move you assertively forwards to achieve the results you really want and need. Coaching and mentoring can be highly transformative.

You might like to address;

  • a current challenge in your role at work
  • wanting to become a better leader
  • a performance or development issue
  • a challenging relationship
  • going through a change
  • workplace ‘reasonable adjustments’
  • autism, neurodiversity and sensory issues
  • improving life-work balance
  • family matters
  • exploring your level of satisfaction at work
  • finding the confidence to explore a new approach
  • aspects of yourself and identity

Sessions usually last between 50 and 90 minutes and this would be agreed with the quantity of sessions at the contracting stage. It may be that 3 or 4 sessions is enough for you. Get in touch for our rates.

  • Face to face*
  • Phone
  • Zoom (video or just audio).

*No face to face during government COVID-19 isolation guidance.
Usually, private meeting rooms in Sheffield or your preferred location.

Jonathan and Jackie follow the EMCC Code of Ethics, are fully insured and abide with GDPR.

More details will be sent on request. You will be offered an informal, explorative call or meet up to see if, and how, coaching or mentoring could benefit you.

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