Are you looking for help with autism counselling, therapy or coaching? Talk to us.

Coaching, counselling and therapy are three different ways of getting one-to-one help when things are getting tough for you to manage on your own – either as an autistic person or someone who cares for an autistic person.

These approaches to getting help are based on a relationship with you and your helper, who will help lead you both in a creative conversation process to heal, inspire and maximise your potential. Helping can be personal, professional or a combination of both. Autism, ADHD and other professional neurodivergent helping approaches are skilled processes which include deep listening and questioning, providing feedback, direction and encouragement. Essentially, this relationship must be able to bridge the empathy and experience gap, which exists between different neurotypes.

After a conversation where we get to know each other a bit on the phone or the internet, we make a contract together around your goals and aspirations and include details like fees, preferred duration/frequency of sessions and how many. 

Together, you and your coach will safely addresses your mental, emotional, physical, social and creative needs, with an emphasis on the role of a healthy mind and spirit. You will both get to know your situation and whatever you wish to work on, clarify your goals and options, solve any interference and move you assertively forwards to achieve the results you really want and need. You may be offered strategies such as mindfulness or slow physical exercise. Coaching and counselling can be highly transformative. We can also connect you with other autism coaches, counsellors and therapists.

You might like to address;

  • a current challenge in your role at work
  • wanting to become a better leader
  • a performance or development issue
  • a challenging relationship
  • going through a change
  • workplace ‘reasonable adjustments’
  • autism, neurodiversity and sensory issues
  • improving life-work balance
  • family matters
  • exploring your level of satisfaction at work
  • finding the confidence to explore a new approach
  • aspects of yourself and identity
  • mental health check-up ( if necessary, a referral may be suggested to you)

An important note about Coaching.

We’ve been involved in supporting people from a strengths-based perspective of Autism, Aspergers and ADHD for many years. However, the problem with current coaching training is that it is not designed for autistic people and is very neurotypically focussed, which we aim to address with our forthcoming training and publications.  We worked with AT-Autism and Scottish Autism in 2020-21 on their highly successful Affinity project, directly supporting many autistic adults.