About Us

Dialogica & Autism Dialogue

We are a mixed team of autistic people, professionals and researchers and currently forming a Community Interest Company, a kind of social enterprise. Since our humble beginnings at the University of Sheffield in 2017, our activities have grown exponentially and we are currently funded by ERDF, NHS and The RSA. We are leaders in the field of Autism Dialogue facilitation, coaching, mentoring and consultation, whose sole aim to benefit autistic people and the wider autism community (families, organisations, businesses and academics) leading to full societal change.

Roffey Park Institute. Hosts of International Academy of Professional Dialogue Conference and Autism Dialogue 2019.

Autism is a widespread, universal phenomenon that affects everyone, directly or indirectly and its unique qualities are very well served by Professional Dialogue. We are members of, and fully supported by the international Academy of Professional Dialogue.

We provide support for autistic people, their families and those working or studying in autism to make life easier, fairer and more enjoyable for them. We raise awareness and acceptance of autistic people across society and to make the world a friendlier place. Being pioneers in the field, our vision is become a world leader in autism and neurodiversity dialogue facilitation, training and coach-mentoring and to expand into other related areas such as mental health and special education.

Our directors (see below) are eligible to take part in the business, vote at general meetings and be eligible for selection of activities. Strategy is influenced and guided by our participants. The affairs of Dialogica will be conducted by a Committee which consists of the Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary, who will be elected at our first Annual General Meeting in 2020.

Other activities

We will also be releasing publications, hosting leadership and training programmes, talks and events, a membership network and eventually volunteering and employment opportunities for autistic people and the autism community.

More about Autism Dialogue at our earlier website. that was originally designed for our Sheffield, UK community in 2017.

You can support us in different ways.

  • Participate in our Dialogues and become a member.
  • Donate. We rely on patreons and the generosity of funding.
  • Write for us on our guest blog (coming soon).
  • Spread the word! Many ways to share.
  • Follow us on Twitter.

We hope you will support us in one way or another as we grow.


Jonathan (Jonny) Drury – director.
Launched the first Autism Dialogue session in 2017 with Professor Liz Milne at the University of Sheffield. He was born and lives in Sheffield, England.

Qualifications etc.

  • PGCert Coaching & Mentoring
  • PGCert Autism Spectrum
  • Specialist Support Mentor
  • BA (Hons) Contemporary Fine Art
  • Fellow of Royal Society of Arts
  • Member of Academy of Professional Dialogue
  • A broad range of life & work experience including overland travel, private teaching, 12 years experience in personal development support, certificates in health care, business, counselling, mediation and chaplaincy.

Jonathan has a wide field of experience including being a parent, devising and managing private education programmes with home-schooled children and refugees, writing, storytelling and arts workshops, extensive overland travel including in the Middle East, international organic food business founder and victim-offender mediation. His interests include non-verbal communication, quantum science, mysticism, autism, neurodiversity, dialogue, systems and organisations, anthropology, critical arts in health, relationship centred care, writing, music, painting, photography, yoga, chi-gong and the arts. He received a diagnosis of Aspergers and ADHD in 2014, was once a postman on the Isle of Skye and has a short-legged cat called Paris (he didn’t choose that name).

Jackie Elliott. Non-executive director & co-facilitator

Jackie is an EMCC accredited Coach-Mentor  (Senior Practitioner). Expert teams, women and executive’s coach. 30 years in IT leadership. Author. Web: www.jaxell.co.uk

Kate Salinsky – director.

Dr. Hanne De Jaegher – director. hannedejaegher.net

Holly Judge – director.

Helen Silverwood – director.

Jane Ball – Supervisor. dialogue-associates.com