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September 27th. October 4th & 11th. 2023.

For therapists & coaches (qualified and student) who are, or will be working with autistic clients.

As a prerequisite, you will have attended one of our previous short courses on ADA or participated in a previous Dialogue series.

Autism Dialogue Approach® series. (3 x 2hrs on Weds evenings. 6-8pm)

Join us for an engaging and interactive online series, facilitated specifically for therapists and coaches supporting autistic people of all ages.

This series aims to enhance your understanding and skills in supporting autistic individuals by experiencing an approach to deeper dialogue. ADA can provide the skills and confidence for practitioners and clients to achieve mutual, cross-neurotypical understanding and works to overcome common barriers. It explores the relational aspects, rather than the technical applications of therapy, coaching and teaching, redressing power imbalances and reducing possibilities of othering and re/traumatising autistic and other neurodivergent people.

In this series you will be using the Approach to work closely in a group of professionals and students, to help uncover some of our hidden assumptions and reveal the potential for deeper insight and growth in the areas of personhood, autism, neurodivergence, trauma, self-improvement and other common themes.

In Dialogue we have a phrase: “Whoever turns up are the right people.” and we encourage ‘saying what needs to be said’. Rooted in the work of David Bohm, Dialogue is a radical way to think and talk together to directly address fragmentation of consciousness and systems.

The four Dialogic Principles are: Authentic Voice | Deep Listening | Suspension | Respect.



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