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November 1st, 8th, 15th – 2023. 1pm-3pm.
Three-Part introductory workshop. Ticket is for all three dates.
With Jonny Drury and Kate Salinsky

Therapists and coaches are facing major challenges when interacting and communicating across neurotypes, potentially triggering and re-traumatising autistic people. Accessing and utilising therapy can be a challenge for autistic and neurodivergent clients, compared to the general population. Therapists can then be inclined to adapt protocol to account for autism as a collection of deficits. Client-therapist neurodivergent and intersectional encounters can be greatly enhanced and enriched with integration of a set of practices based on robust social-cognition sciences and the strengths and uniqueness of autism and interaction processes, rather than guided by deficit and behavioural views. A therapeutic approach should include up-to-date training in autism in order to improve access to treatment and outcomes and therapists must be aware of, and confident in adapting their practice in line with the needs of autistic people.

This experiential workshop will introduce you to the Autism Dialogue Approach®, a holistic, relational framework, co-designed by autistic people, and will provide you with the skills and confidence to help achieve mutual understanding and work towards overcoming barriers. ADA® provides both autistic and non-autistic people with the skills and confidence to achieve mutual understanding and work towards overcoming what is described by Damian Milton as the Double Empathy Problem (2012). You will introduced to processes of embodied and alternative communication and learn to meet neurodivergent individuals where they are.

We particularly welcome professionals and trainees who identify as autistic or neurodivergent, and those who may use AAC (augmented and alternative communication).

Learning Objective Participants Can Expect From This Event

  • Introduce you to major themes in Autism including trauma, deficit narratives, autistic culture and sensory perception
  • Introduction to the basic ADA practices for application in therapy and other cross-neurotype situations.
  • Experiment with ADA® in our group setting.

Who is This Workshop Appropriate For?

  • Counsellors, therapists, OTs, SLTs, coaches and health professionals.

How May This Workshop Impact Your Practice?

  • ADA will place you and your practice at the cutting edge of emerging autistic, social and cognitive science, and improve access to treatment and outcomes for your autistic clients and patients.

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This workshop will be recorded and you can use the ticket function to pre-purchase the recording before the event. This will be useful for colleagues who are not able to attend the event live and also for those who attend the event live and want to watch it again.


This workshop will be hosted on the Zoom meeting platform where we will use our cameras and microphones to interact with each other as a group.


The self-select fee is a radical inclusion policy to open learning for all colleagues. The guide price for this event is £60.00, however, we appreciate that income varies greatly in different locations and circumstances. Please contribute what you can to help us maintain inclusive professional training.



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