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In the NHS it is the medical model that is primarily applied to autism, where the focus is often on ‘disorder’. Speech and Language Therapists are frequently expected to provide interventions that will lessen that ‘disorder’, attempting to change the communication and social skills of the individual.

General knowledge and understanding of autism has changed significantly in recent years and Autism Dialogue© is an approach that not only encourages the empowerment of autistic people but builds a community of autistic and non-autistic people, exploring Neurodiversity together.

The Autism Dialogue project in Derbyshire took place between February and April 2021. It was presented to Derby City Council and Derbyshire CCG as a possible tool to support the empowerment of the Autism Community and to inform systemic transformation in the area.

The specific objective of the project, funded by Derby City Council and Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), was ‘to empower Autism and neuro-diverse communities and organisations, to facilitate and nurture a sense of belonging and empowerment.’

Together we concluded that the Autism Dialogue Approach is effective in providing a format where autistic people can communicate (also, crucially, with non-autistic people) in ways that are comfortable to them, rather than trying to change the way they communicate to be more neurotypical.

See our full report for identified areas for future development.

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See the full report.

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