Autism Dialogue Roffey Park

We’re pleased to invite you to our new Autism Dialogue series. Be heard and share your thoughts and experiences with others in the autism community in a safe autism-friendly space.

This will be international participation using Zoom* and is a really exciting opportunity to experience Autism Dialogue with a wide range of people, as we create our own safe and generative global knowledge community!

  • July – 2nd, 16th, 30th
  • August – 13th, 27th
  • Sep – 10th
  • *Sep 11th (full day)

We are also holding an optional full day, in-person retreat in Derbyshire, England on September 11th! Details and booking here. And we can’t wait to get back into sitting with you in ‘real-life’!

One day Dialogue retreat in Derbyshire. Click here.

Each online session will take place from 1pm – 3pm (London, UK).

  • All sessions on Zoom except Sep 11th
  • No prior experience necessary
  • Safe and confidential, expertly facilitated environment
  • Meet new international colleagues and friends
  • Open for anyone over 18 with a connection to autism (autistic people, family members, autism academics, workers and professionals)
  • Thirty places
  • No charge

What is Autism Dialogue?

Autism Dialogue is a focussed and friendly approach to communicating together about what matters to you, whether you identify as autistic, a relation of autistic persons or work in the field of autism. With our safe conversation method and many years of experience in this area, you can personally explore your experience of autism with others, and discover what it really means to be autistic. All perspectives are held equally and we commit together to root out subtle misconceptions, assumptions and power imbalances. The process is thorough. Occasionally people might feel discomfort as our deeply-held assumptions are revealed, yet the results of doing this in a safe setting can be uplifting and even life-affirming.

During the past four years, we have shown that our unique approach to compassionate understanding and knowledge creation facilitates recovery and increases wellbeing and empowerment for autistic people and their families. At the same time it is powerful in addressing systemic issues and creating positive change for those in practice, research and in public attitudes, producing more inspired and cohesive autism-support organisations. Our approach is backed by a sound, empirical science (eg. Bohm’s Implicate Order) and we have a strong global support base.

Our aims

We aim to make the world a more inclusive, friendlier and vibrant place to live, with:

  • Inclusive Dialogue that incorporates the neurodiverse mindset
  • Equality of perspectives, enabling choices & diversifying thinking
  • Collective voices work together to increase social equality for autistic people and their families
  • Co-designing the future of autism for a fairer and more enriching world for all

Read more about Autism Dialogue here.
Read about our team and facilitators here.

All contact links here.

Thank you to our kind sponsors Derby City Council. UK.



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