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A final participatory presentation will take place on Friday April 30th at 11am – 1pm.
For autistic adults, family members, workers, professionals and researchers in autism based in Derbyshire.


Come to hear about our recent series of special online events, hosted by Dialogica in partnership with Derby City Council and Derby CCG, using the unique Autism Dialogue Approach®

Participate in the findings in this interactive webinar. A FREE two hour special event on Zoom that you can get actively involved in and influence the future of the Autism landscape in Derbyshire and beyond.


Autism Dialogue is coming to Derbyshire in 2021. The sessions will take place on Zoom over six Fridays between 11am and 1pm. From Fri 26th Feb – sign up now. Booking now CLOSED.

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The project is open to anyone with a connection to Autism:

1.           Autistic people (18+)
2.           Close family members and carers of autistic people.
3.           Professionals working within the Autism community.
4.           Academics in autism.
5.           Must live or work in Derbyshire county.

This is a chance to have your voice heard and connect with others in the Autism community. This is a safe space to share your thoughts and experiences and will be an Autism friendly environment.

Each session will include:

1.           Check in – a chance to introduce yourself if you wish and find out who will be part of the Dialogue session (not compulsory)
2.           Dialogue – a slow paced opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences around Autism.
3.           Check out – a chance to reflect together about the discussion during the Dialogue (not compulsory).

The introductory presentation and interviews have already taken place so there is no need to take part in these. However, you will need to commit to as many of the Friday sessions as we form a safe, sharing community.

Please email for info.

Read more about Autism Dialogue here.

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